• shiftMD - Benefits: Best in Class


    Best-in-class Products

    shiftMD makes it easy for you to recommend clinically therapeutic, women’s healthcare products that address your patients’ conditions; from trying to conceive and pregnancy, to menopause, vitamin deficiencies and more.

  • shiftMD - Benefits: No Inventory


    No Inventory Hassles

    No need to purchase, store or keep track of inventory from a variety of vendors.  No need for extra personnel to handle your dispensing business. With shiftMD you can spend the extra time and resources caring for your patients.

  • shiftMD - Benefits: Patient Experience

    Patient Experience

    Elevate the Experience

    With our simple tap-to-ship process, patients can have their personal regimen delivered right to their door- discreetly, safely and quickly.

  • shiftMD - Benefits: Patient Monitoring


    Monitor Patient Adherence

    Imagine being able to know which patient actually purchased the product you recommended they take.  With shiftMD, you now have that insight along with additional tools to help your patients be compliant.

  • shiftMD - Benefits: 360 Peace of Mind

    The Right Price

    Even Better than Amazon

    shiftMD establishes exclusive partnerships directly with the leading manufacturers in the female healthcare space. This ensures that your recommendations translate to your patients receiving the best prices available.



  • shiftMD - Benefits: Generate Additional Benefits

    Capture Lost Revenue

    Get Credit

    With shiftMD, you can now capture the business you’ve been losing to pharmacies and online retailers.  If you choose, you can receive the profits generated from your product recommendations.

  • Duration of Therapy

    Duration of Therapy

    Exactly For the Time You Recommend

    Set a duration of therapy (auto-ship) for the products you recommend and your patients will receive their products only for that allotted time period. No more, no less.

  • Support/FAQs

    Doctor Support

    Easy To Learn

    Access an on-demand library of tools that allow you and your staff to conveniently learn about all of our products, as well as great tips to help you succeed!

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