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Finally! Gain access to and get credit for the non-prescription women’s healthcare products that you recommend to your patients, while elevating their experience.

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You don’t need to send your patients to the pharmacy or online to search for the products you want for them. No need for unnecessary layers of middlemen that often interfere with the care you are trying to provide to your patient.

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shiftMD makes it easy for healthcare providers to access and dispense best-in-class, non-prescription products directly to their patients, right from their smartphone or tablet.

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We know you’ll love shiftMD... But don’t just take our word for it.

  • Kinnari P. Desai, MD MPH - OB/Gyn

    "I’m very impressed by the efforts you have made to improve the availability of women’s health care products to them as well as form a partnership with physicians. Kudos to you and your team; excited to have a long term relationship!"

  • Douglas Gotlin, DO - OB/Gyn – Miami Beach

    The shiftMD app is like no other. The ease with which I am able to utilize all of its' functionalities has made a huge difference in my day to day. I am able to prescribe top of the line products to my patients with the click of a button. The service that shiftMD provides is one that should be adopted by physicians everywhere.

  • Allan Patterson, MD - OB/Gyn - Coral Springs

    "The shiftMD App is easy to use as I'm an older guy and not the most computer savvy, but I have no trouble with this App and if I do have issues, I receive great support. I highly recommend to any OB/Gyn to easily download the ShiftMD App to get access to these great products, some of which I never knew existed, so their patents can benefit like mine do."

The brands, products and insights to elevate your practice.

We at shiftMD believe you and your patients deserve a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to access non-prescription, best-in-class, women’s healthcare products that provide real therapeutic benefits.

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