Get just what your
doctor ordered.

No More Time Consuming Trips To Farmacy

No more
trips to the

With shiftMD, you’re able to get the exact products your doctor is recommending for you, without ever having to go to the store. If your healthcare provider is a shiftMD user, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting expert-approved non-prescription products at the best possible price — delivered straight to your door.

How it works

Receive a recommendation

  • As with any health-related visit, your healthcare provider or one of their assistants will let you know they are recommending a product to you, thoroughly explaining how they believe the product will help you.
  • Except — instead of repeating the product’s name a million times in your head to make sure you don’t forget it, you’ll simply be sent a text from your doctor with all the info you’ll need.
Receive A Recommendation
Get A Text

Get a text

  • Your healthcare provider will immediately send you an SMS message with a link to order the product they recommended. (There will also be a number to call if you prefer to order by phone.)
  • The link will direct you to a webpage where you will securely enter your payment and delivery information.
  • If your provider recommends a recurring order — such as a monthly supply of supplements for 4 months — your card on file will be charged monthly; you can opt out at any time.

Enjoy the benefits

  • Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.
  • And that’s it! Your order will arrive directly to your doorstep safely, discreetly, and on time. All that’s left to do is reap the wellness benefits and stay on track towards optimal health.

What patients are saying

“When my doc sent me a link to a product I should take and said it was the cheapest price available, I was skeptical so I checked it out on Amazon. I was excited to see that she was right!”

Crystal T.

Crystal T

“Who wants to wear a mask and stand in line with COVID-19 at the pharmacy? Not me! This was a really cool service my doctor signed up for. “

Charlotte M.


“Honestly, when my doc tells me about a product he wants me to try, I always forget the name of it by the time I leave their office. Getting a text with the product’s name and a link to order it online is way easier, I love it!”

Maria F.