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Meet shiftMD, a healthcare app featuring a marketplace with non-prescription wellness products, specifically curated for women’s health practitioners. With the tap of a button, healthcare providers can recommend beneficial products to patients, and patients can get those products delivered straight to their doorstep. It’s that simple.

With an estimated 2.9 billion trips to the store to purchase non-prescription products each year in the U.S., providers and patients alike have been seeking a better, simpler way to access these products.

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Why shiftMD
is a game-changer

Enhance performance on every level

Modernize Your Medical Practice

Modernize your
medical practice

Dispensing products from your office is a great way to capture lost revenue. But there’s no need
to purchase, store, and keep track of inventory from a variety of vendors. With shiftMD, you will
stay ahead of the curve, thanks to a specially curated marketplace that puts top-notch
products all in one place and automates the shipments so you and your patients can
focus on one thing: wellness.

Patients On Track

Keep patients on track
with treatment plans

When recommending through shiftMD, not only can you ensure your patients will easily
access products, but also, the app offers insights for you to see whether your patients are
adhering to treatment plans.

Enhance The Patient Experience

Enhance the
patient experience

No more frustrating trips to the pharmacy or endless scrolls online to find
the right product. With shiftMD, patients will get a text message with a
direct link to order exactly what you recommend to them.

Earn Financial Credit

Earn financial credit

Every time your patient orders a product you recommend through shiftMD, the
percentage of sales that would typically go to distributors and pharmacies go to you
instead — and you can cash the rewards out at any time, directly in the app.

Why Providers Are Choosing shiftMD

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What providers are saying

“This is how modern medicine is supposed to be – high tech, adaptable, and worry free!”

Jason James, MD, FACOG

“I’m very impressed by the efforts you have made to improve the availability of women’s health care products to them as well as form a partnership with physicians. Kudos to you and your team; excited to have a long term relationship!”

Kinnari P. Desai, MD

“The shiftMD app is like no other. The ease with which I am able to utilize all of its functionalities has made a huge difference in my day to day. I am able to prescribe top of the line products to my patients with the click of the button. The service that shiftMD provides is one that should be adopted by physicians everywhere.”

Douglas L. Gotlin, DO

“The shiftMD App is easy to use I’m a older guy and not the most computer savvy, but I have no trouble with this app and if I do have issues, I receive great support. I highly recommend any OB/GYN to easily download the shiftMD App to get access to these great products, some of which I never knew existed, so their patents can benefit like mine do”

Allan B. Patterson, MD