From the beginning of time, modernization has been the key to success — and often survival. This fact stands very true in the world of healthcare. Where would the world be without the invention of the measles vaccine? And how would your practice be able to keep up without billing or EMR software? Staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever; here are five ways practitioners have modernized their practice’s and how shiftMD supports the transformation of your business so it not only survives in the future, but thrives in it.

1. Leverage Technology
When you think modernization, you likely automatically think technology — and for good reason. Technology evolves as the world modernizes, and there’s perhaps no better evidence of this than in healthcare. In this field, new tech is constantly being developed to address new issues and improve responses to existing issues.

Founded by a technologist and a pharmaceutical executive, shiftMD is focused on combining new trends in technology — specifically app-based telehealth — to get patients the best in the non-prescription healthcare market. Digitizing this process brings the future of healthcare to the here and now.

2. Create Ancillary Revenue Streams
We are living in an era in which multitasking reigns supreme, and nearly everything is monetized. But most healthcare providers are too busy to think about new ways to diversify revenue sources for their practices. Luckily, there are ways to generate profits without making big changes to your existing day-to-day operations.

Take, for example, shiftMD: You already recommend quality wellness products to your patients on a daily basis; doing so through the app is only a slight workflow alteration that can pay off in a big way. Each time a patient orders a product you recommend through shiftMD, you can receive a percentage of that sale. In essence, you can earn additional income from doing what you already do every day.

3. Streamline Workflow
You’ve heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” But have you seen it in action? One of the most valuable ways to bring your medical practice to the forefront of the field is to rethink the ways time is spent (and sometimes wasted) on outdated systems of operations. Perhaps that means offering online appointment scheduling, which can free up your front desk staff. Or maybe, hiring a nurse practitioner to fill in where other providers have been scrambling.

Incorporating shiftMD into your practice is another — very simple — way to get a practice working more efficiently. With just a few taps of a button (all from your mobile device), you can recommend top-notch products to patients — no digging through storage closets or scouring the internet for the best options necessary.

4. Automate Processes
One aspect of streamlining workflow is to bring in automation. Perfect example: shiftMD’s duration of therapy (DOT) feature, which allows providers to determine how many shipments of a product patients should receive. Setting a DOT eliminates the provider’s need to interrupt their day-to-day workflow to remind their patient to go out and purchase another month’s supply of the product, because it’s already on its way to their patient’s home.

5. Enhance The Patient Experience
More and more, patient experience is an important factor in determining the success of a practice. With the prominence of Yelp reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations (especially on social media), it’s of the utmost importance to ensure not only that patients are cared for physically, but also that their experience is easy and enjoyable.

There are a number of ways to enhance the patient experience, from simple upgrades like providing entertainment in your waiting room and updating your social media experience to completely overhauling your practice’s check-in procedures. Somewhere in between these options lies shiftMD, a perfectly simple yet astoundingly transformative tool that’ll have your patients appreciating your practice more than ever.

You already know how shiftMD can make things easier for your practice, but did you know it’s also a huge boon on the patient-facing side? From meeting patients where they are (on their phones) to providing high quality healthcare products straight to their doorsteps, shiftMD gives your practice the forward-thinking push it needs.

Download the shiftMD app today and begin your journey into the world of digital wellness!